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Tiffany Bierly is a Seattle based dance artist who hails from Central Pennsylvania and is an
educator, performer and choreographer. She recently graduated from Texas Woman’s
University with a MFA in dance. Previously, she received her BA in Theater with a dance
performance focus and a BS in Kinesiology at Pennsylvania State University. She has
performed in the DC Fringe Festival, the Painted Bride in Philadelphia, Austin Dance Festival
and the 254 Fest in Waco Texas. Tiffany has presented her choreography at the American
College Dance Festival at the College of Brockport, as well as DanceUpClose and
DanceMakers Concerts at Texas Woman’s University. Most recently, she has performed in Full
Tilt Dance Festival, Converge Dance Festival and Clear in Seattle. Tiffany studied dance at
Ponderosa Movement and Discovery in Stoltzenhagen Germany and at the Dublin Dance
Festival in Ireland. Tiffany also participated in the Bates Dance Festival and the Seattle Festival
of Dance Improvisational.

Artistic Statement.

Tiffany Bierly is a dance educator, choreographer, and performer from Central Pennsylvania. Her fascination with the human body began in fourth grade when she had her first anatomy lesson. Ever since, she has continued her exploration of the body through the study of kinesiology and dance. As an artist she is fascinated by the connections within us, to other people and to our environment. Human beings are constantly affecting or being affected by events occurring around us and by people in our lives. Bierly’s work investigates these intricate connections and how they contribute to the formation of identity.

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