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Teaching Philosophy.

 I teach because I enjoy watching my students gain knowledge that will help them, not only in the context of the course at hand, but also in other aspects of their lives. No matter what the course may be, I incorporate critical thinking, inter/intrapersonal skills, creative problem solving, and most importantly, maintaining an open mind.


My students are strongly encouraged to take risks in class daily. My classroom is a safe space, where failure is celebrated, since we can learn from the process as much as the outcome. In technique class, I encourage my students to put their own style and history into the choreography that I teach them. I share the skills I have acquired while the students strengthen the class with their own unique talents and experiences.


I am committed to training dancers to be holistic practitioners by using my kinesiology background to supplement the dance curriculum. Dancers should not expect their bodies to perform high demands without learning how their bodies function.  A dancer should know as much as possible about their body, as their body is so integral to their art and lives. We are not machines to simply meet demands. If we want to make a difference in the world, we must first take care of ourselves.


Class Description.

Form, Function, and Beyond…


This class investigates the anatomy and physiology of the moving, dancing, body. Each class will consist of experimental movement explorations focusing on specific musculoskeletal regions, body systems and developmental connections. We will continue to develop our understanding and awareness of our weekly topic through phrases that travel us in space, take us off our vertical axis, and move in and out of the floor. This class is open to intermediate and advanced dancers who are interested in taking risks and becoming more in tune with their bodies.

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